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Aging is inevitable! Getting old is optional!

Walking for Health and Fitness

The Oaks Wellness offers residents and clients a variety of fitness activities to improve health, function and well-being. Just few of our programs are:

For clients who have re-gained or maintained their strength and balance we offer several more advanced programs to add a little excitement to the day. The programs are listed below with the areas that benefit from these activities.

Overall health requires time to relax, replenish and renew.

Want to do things on your own? We have a well-equipped gym and pool.Strength and mobility assessments are given to all new Wellness members.Orientation to the gym equipment or water exercise is included.If a client is in need of extra training then we offer 1- on-1 personal training for an hourly fee.

We are waiting for you! Come to The Oaks to live and live well!


Everyday tasks like tying our shoes, putting on socks, stepping into the shower can become a problem if we don’t keep our joints flexible. When we don’t maintain our flexibility, we increase our potential for an off-balance fall.

The best thing for arthritis is to keep moving. It will get better each day. Take it easy. Start slow and stretch a little bit at a time. Everybody watches ads on TV and immediately tries to tie themselves into a pretzel. It does not work that way. Those people on TV have been doing it for years. Start slow. Increase the movement slowly, hold it for a short period, and breathe. You want to be able to stretch out a bit and breathe normally.