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Campus Life and Lifelong Learning

Keeps Minds Sharp, Improves Memory and it's Fun!

Life Long Learning at the The Oaks recognizes the need for activities and programs that promote brain health. This program also offers a comprehensive wellness and fitness program, a full time chaplain and many social events. The goal is to encourage residents to continue to learn something new. Mentally stimulating activities strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. We have various DVD courses that are facilitated by residents in the areas of science, fine arts, religion and history. We offer classes in computers, basket weaving, stained glass, mosaics, art, pottery, etc. We invite residents to join the various gaming groups on campus which include mahjong, bridge, canasta, and shang-hai. The Oaks also sponsors informative lectures and trips. The Oaks constantly challenges individuals to engage in different activities, learn a new hobby, volunteer, and explore new talents.

Campus Life at The Oaks is a life philosophy of staying active and expressing yourself which is crucial to healthy aging. We offer a myriad of programs to encompass a variety of interest and pursuits. We work closely with the chaplaincy, dietary and wellness departments to focus on all aspects of wellness for an individual: intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, occupational, social and environmental.

Our main goal is to encourage residents to participate in programs, learn new skills, connect with different people, and express their individual personalities through arts & craft classes, special interest clubs, travel, theme parties plus lots more. Campus Life is constantly adding new activities to our calendar to meet the interests and needs of the residents by integrating traditional skills and new technology into our program.

The public is invited to participate but seating is limited. For more information about these programs call Tammy Leach at (803)535-1570 or email her at

Tammy Leach Campus Life Director