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Mary Ann Smith

Marketing Director

The Oaks News

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The Oaks Arms Follow-up

Adult Day Center specializing in Dementia Care. I want to give you a little more information about the service..... read more


Adult Day Care Opening

Our Adult Day Care Center is now open and accepting clients..... read more

Furniture Walking

We all reach a time in our life as we age when we need to hang on to something when we are walking through the house. This is particularly true when we get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom..... read more

Acorn Lake

Clearing and contouring the new 14-acre Lake at The Oaks was completed recently and it is now filled with nearly 17 million gallons of water..... read more


It is important to maintain flexibility in our movements. Everyday tasks like tying our shoes, putting on socks, stepping into the shower can become a problem if we don’t keep our joints flexible..... read more

Woodard Fountain

The fountain in the courtyard of the Woodard Building is not a traditional fountain..... read more